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Stock and Price Feeds

Stock and price feeds are available when your application for an account has been accepted. You can access the stock and price feeds from the list of options on the left hand side of the "Account" screen.

The following stock and price feeds are available:

  • Full Feed
  • DVD Only Feed
  • All Non DVD Items Feed
  • Discounted DVDs

Each feed contains

  • Cat No - Our Catalogue Number for the item
  • Barcode - The items barcode or EAN number
  • Title - The descriptionve title of the product
  • Stock Status -
    • Y = In Stock
    • P = Pre-order
    • A = Available but not in our warehouse today, available in 1-2 days
    • S = Available to order but expected delivery of 7-10 days
    • N = No stock currently available
  • Price - The net price of the item
  • Stock Quantity - How many items in stock in our warehouse
  • Type - The type of item which can be
    • 5 - DVDs
    • 6 - Video Games
    • 8 - Hardware/Electronics
    • 10 - CDs

The feeds are created several times thorughout the day. You can tell how recent the feed file is from its filename which contains the date and time the file was created.

example filename: stock_feed_dvd_20090116_1415

The file in the example above was created at 1415 hours (2:15pm) on 16-01-2009.

Electronic recovery of the feeds

You can download the feeds without having to login to your account.

If you want to automate the retrieval of the feeds you can access them using the following URLs. Replace EMAILADDRESS and PASSWORD with your accounts email address and password.


NOTE: The information in these feeds is correct at the time they are produced. The stock and prices on the site change constantly.