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Bulk Ordering or Item Dump

You can place orders for a list of items by pasting or dumping the list of Catalogue Numbers or Barcodes and the quantity that you want to order into the item dump.

The item dump can be accessed when your application for an account has been accepted. You can access the item dump screen by logging in to your account and choosing the "Item Dump" option from the list of options at the very top of every WDL screen.

The information that you paste into the item dump screen can be either

  • Comma separated OR
  • Tab separated

If you create a list in a spreadsheet like excel, you can copy the list and paste it directly into the item dump box. This will be a tab separated list.

If you want to type information straight into the item dump box, you can separate the catalogue number or barcode and the quantity required with a comma.

Both examples below will work:

00177DVD     2
00178DVD     4
00290DVD     6
00322DVD     8

00177DVD, 2
00178DVD, 4
00290DVD, 6
00322DVD, 8